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Do you get bored doing the same workout over and over?

Do you want to go to the gym, but you really aren't sure what you should do or how to do it?

Have heard that CrossFit is a great system to get fit, but you don't really know what it is or if it is right for you?

Our Foundations Program is where your CrossFit journey should begin...

Our Foundations Program is an introduction to CrossFit and a Functional Movements Screen. The Foundation Class is intended to screen for pre-existing injuries, mobility or flexibility restrictions, and assess your current fitness level.

Coach Brenden Butler, director of Foundations, will walk you through the basics of each movement, offering knowledge and experienced guidance every step of the way. You will be introduced to the basic barbell and gymnastic movements utilized in CrossFit. Whether seasoned athlete or fitness newbie, the CrossFit LKN Foundations Program is a fundamental piece to the overall programming and is required before entering into Group Classes. Once in our Group Classes, you'll be getting different workouts all the time, ones designed to help you get strong, flexible, and fit; you'll meet and work with other people with those same goals; and you'll know why crossfit is the fastest growing fitness program in the world.

*If you are coming to us with previous CrossFit experience and think you're ready to start our Group Classes or Competitor programs right away, contact us and we will set you up with just the Functional Movement Assessment.


Foundations Classes are three week sessions beginning the first Monday of each month and are approximately one hour each in length.

Monday at 6:00pm

Wednesdays at 6:00pm

Fridays at 5:30pm

Foundation Classes are scheduled online HERE.

In addition we offer Movement Assessments which if passed would allow you to move directly into group classes.  A movement assessment would be an option for you if you have particiapted in CrossFit before or have prior athletic expereince.

To schedule a Movement Assessment email  Katie O'Connell or Coach Brenden

Professional Coaching

Each of our small Foundations Classes is taught by an experienced, certified Level 1 CrossFit Coach.  Our coaching staff will review all movements of CrossFit focusing on sound movement mechanics, proper technique and safety. And they will work with you making sure you are learning correct movements, ones that reduce the risk of injury and repetitive motion damage.  Not everyone progresses at the same rate and our coaches make sure to match your tasks with your current ability. It doesn't matter if you are a twenty something who has gotten a little out of shape or or an older adult who has gotten much more out of shape.  What does matter is that you want to be more fit!

Program Structure

Your Foundations Class will begin with a short Q&A with the coach. Your coach will ask about your fitness history and experience with weight training. Next your coach will explain the structure of our gym, how group classes work, and answer any questions you might have before getting started. After getting to know your coach you will then go through the Functional Movement Assessment. This is a very simple group of movements we will have you perform to screen for pre-existing injuries, mobility, or flexibility restrictions. Last you will begin learning the basic barbell and gymnastic movements needed for CrossFit. Foundations Classes usually last about 60 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I attend a Free introduction session before signing up for Foundations?

A.We offer Free Introduction sessions for anyone who is interested but unsure about CrossFit. Attending these sessions is personal preference. If you are not confident that you are ready for Foundations we suggest that you attend one of our Free Introduction sessions.
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Q. Do I need to be in shape to start Foundations?

A. No! The Foundation Class is designed as a precursor class. No CrossFit or fitness experience is needed at all. 

Q. Can I make up missed classes?

A. Yes, you will need to check with the coach to schedule a make up session.

Q. Will I do a workout during each Foundation class?

A.No. Foundation Classes are primarlly about teaching you proper form. You will be asked to preform reps of the movements we are learning, but just enough to show proficiency. 

Q. After I complete the Foundations Course will I be ready to attend regular CrossFit Group Classes?

A. Yes!  Foundation Classes are to give you the knowledge preparing you for our level 1 fitness program. 

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